Today's business environment is challenged by fast and often unpredictable changes. Enterprises must be responsive and resilient to ensure they can survive, be profitable and grow. Resilience has never been more necessary.

The Farm Business Resilience Health Check has been developed by the Environment Agency in collaboration with Climate UK, with input from a broad range of industry experts including National Farmers Union, Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, Country Land and Business Association, ADAS, Ricardo AEA-Technology, Andersons, Reaseheath College and several independent advisors.

The system is designed to provide a relatively quick and easy assessment of your farm business’s current resilience. There are two levels available:

The ‘Quick Test’– includes 6 multi-choice questions on your business management and will take around 10 minutes. Depending on your answers the system will recommend whether taking the full Farm Business Resilience Health Check is likely to benefit you, or not.

The full Farm Business Resilience Health Check- will take around 1-2 hours to complete and you will be asked to create a login, but you can save, exit and return at any time. Once completed, the system will generate a bespoke resilience report for your enterprise. This colour-codes your responses – red, amber or green – to indicate the priority to act and provides targeted guidance as well as links to resources that can help you build resilience

You can access the system from your Smartphone, Tablet, or PC (Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or above, all recent versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox). If you have technical issues using this website please contact support@farmbusinessresilience.co.uk